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Managing the Front End of Innovation–Part II

Bertels, H.M.J, Koen, P.A. & Kleinschmidt, E.J. 2008. Lessons from 238 companies: Senior management, exploitation, exploration, and corporate entrepreneurship performance. Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 2008.


We develop and empirically test an explanatory model consisting of organizational resources, corporate entrepreneurship routines and predevelopment performance based on data obtained from 238 business units in large companies. We found a significant relationship between "long term organizational resources" vision and climate, and "short term organizational resources" strategy and resource commitment. Further, our results confirm the relatedness of opportunity recognition and performance, but do not support evidence for the importance of a business plan. We also provide an empirical test of the importance of other predevelopment routines which are less well-studied and present our model for exploitative versus explorative projects.


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