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Managing the Front End of Innovation-Part I

Koen, P. A., Bertels, H. M. J., & Kleinschmidt, E. J. 2014. Managing the Front End of Innovation-Part I. Research Technology Management, 57(2): 34-43.


An IRI Research-on-Research project looked at effective practices in the front end of innovation through a study of practices in 197 large US-based companies over a three-year period. The research team used a holistic framework that evaluated front-end activities through the lens of the New Concept Development (NCD) model. Analysis of the data revealed that organizational attributes -senior management commitment, vision, strategy, resources, and culture- were of most importance to front-end performance, explaining 53 percent of the variance in performance among participating companies. All of the organizational attributes had correlations ranging from 15 percent for senior management commit­ment to 24 percent for vision, which suggests that all of the organizational attributes are important to a company's front­-end performance.


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